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Manhattan marksman going for gold in shooting at the 2024 Olympics in Paris

Sgt. Ivan Roe says his dad has been one of his biggest supporters after signing him up for gun safety classes as a seven-year-old boy.
Posted at 2:58 PM, Feb 25, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-26 12:39:42-05

MANHATTAN — At just seven years old, Ivan Roe’s father signed him up for a gun safety and hunter’s education class. Fast forward to today, and he’s getting ready to compete in the 2024 Olympic Games in competitive shooting. Coming all the way from Manhattan, Ivan says it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

“It’s pretty much a pinnacle achievement of your life, something you might not ever be able to do again,” said Roe.

Growing up in the small-town atmosphere of Manhattan with less than 50 people in his graduating class, Ivan Roe has big dreams.

“There were definitely times where I thought, “well, what if I make it—it would be cool to be the first Olympian from Manhattan,” said Roe.

For several years, Roe set out on a mission to earn his spot on Team USA in competitive shooting.

“I didn’t want to put it down,” said Roe. “I wanted to keep going and see what I could do.”

After countless matches, multiple international titles, and even joining the U.S. Army, Sergeant Ivan Roe earned his ticket to the Olympics after completing USA Shooting’s three-part Rifle Olympic Trials against 77 other top marksmen from across the United States.

He says he’s still in awe of the accomplishment.

“I remember my hands, my face—my whole body tingling,” said Roe. “I went out to my car and just cried tears of relief that I finally did it.”

Roe attributes a lot of his success to his dad, who he says unintentionally led him to his passion.

“I don’t think at the beginning he ever thought I’d take it this far,” said Roe. “He didn’t enroll me in the BB gun program so I could become an Olympian. He enrolled me so I could become a safe hunter."

But even so, Sgt. Roe says his dad has been one of his biggest supporters.

“He’s been with me every step of the way, watching and rooting for me,” said Roe.

In July, Roe’s father will be on a plane to the Paris Summer Olympics to watch his son go for Gold.

“Being able to put my name on the list of people who’ve worn the Montana flag and competed proudly for the state is something I look forward to,” said Roe.