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Livingston's Yellowstone Granary bringing affordable workforce housing to town

Developers have renovated the granary into long-term, affordable rentals.
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Posted at 9:46 AM, Nov 20, 2023

LIVINGSTON — In May, MTN covered the construction progress of the Yellowstone Granary in Livingston. Now, the building process is officially finished and is sure to bring affordable workforce housing to Livingston.

“Their vision was so passionate,” says new tenant Lindsey Thornburg, “and the intention, like I said, is just undeniable.”

On Tuesday, community members gathered to celebrate the completion of the Yellowstone Granary. Thornburg is one of the first renters to move in. She says the building is one of a kind.

“I feel very settled here and I'm very lucky that I found this place early on,” says Thornburg.

After years of sitting vacant, developers converted the granary into 17 units of affordable workforce housing. Two-bedroom apartments at the granary start at $1800 a month. According to developers, the going rate in Livingston for a one-bedroom unit is around $1700.

“We got some much-needed housing ahead of this project. It's been nothing but an asset for the city,” says City of Livingston Building Official Jim Woodhull.

Chris Salacinski purchased the granary around six years ago with a goal of providing long-term rentals. For him, seeing the finished project is a win.

“It feels really good,” says Salacinski. “Yeah, it turned out actually better than we had we had hoped for."

Salacinksi says getting to the finish line didn’t come without challenges.

Last winter was brutal. It kind of set us off schedule by two months. It came together,” says Salacinski.

Part owner and Design Architect Jordan Zignego is proud to be able to provide housing for Livingston while also keeping the historic charm of the granary.

To have a part of history and just be able to be in a really solid structure was just such a pleasure to work with and be a part of the community,” says Zignego.

For Thornburg, she’s looking forward to the time she gets to spend in her new home.

“I’m just really lucky to be here,” she says.