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St. Peter's Health encourages to call before going to hospital or clinics

They are separating patients by symptoms
Posted at 5:55 PM, Apr 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-02 10:16:17-04

St. Peter’s Health is encouraging the community to please call before going to the hospital or any clinics.

St. Pete has made a 24/7 hotline for anyone to call and be directed to the right place for care.

They wish to separate respiratory-symptom patients with those who have no symptoms. Those with symptoms could be directed to the Urgent Care South Clinic connected to the hospital to maintain that separation. The Urgent Care North Clinic will be seeing patients with no coronavirus symptoms.

St. Pete says other hospitals have done this separation and that it helps prevent the spreading of the virus.

“Well, we’ve tried learning from other places that have experienced problems with the covid virus before it has really arrived here. The places that are successful in flattening that curve, they separate the respiratory patients from the rest of the patients because anything that we can do to prevent the spread of the virus from patient to patient is going to help all of us in the community,” says Dr. Todd Wampler, the Chief of Staff at St. Peter’s Health.

That St. Peter’s Hotline is 406-457-4180. The hospital encourages people to call before going anywhere to make sure you are safe and at the right place for treatment.