Helena Public Schools maintains interactions with students with creativity

Doug Baker does school announcements on Facebook.
Posted at 3:52 PM, Apr 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-16 12:51:05-04

From playing the Pass the Pencil game to online announcements, Helena Public Schools are having creative interactions with their students.

Doug Baker is the principal at Rossiter Elementary School. One way he keeps up with his students is by providing the morning announcements online every day.

“I want the kids to have the feeling like school is progressing as much as normal. So, we typically would have morning announcements in the building and we felt that it is important that we continue to do that,” says Baker.

In each of his videos along with the announcements, Principal Baker provides birthdays and jokes for the students. He wants to maintain the sense of community for the students.

“You know, every principal feels that you try to build community within the course of your school year and that work is so important and we don't want to lose that sense of community when we are away from the school building,” says Baker.

For Principal Baker, a sense of community remains strong for Helena, even during this pandemic.

“You know, in the three years I’ve been in Helena, this community rallies around students and schools and has traditionally just really stepped up in times of need and has done a great job with that. I've been very impressed with that and I hope it continues,” says Baker.

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