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Helena gathers in new, free ad campaign

The ads urges all to "get ahead of the curve."
Posted at 4:39 PM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-04 12:05:26-04

Small business owners and community members are coming together to begin a new ad campaign during this pandemic.

“One thing that we do have are personal habits and social hygiene. So, we wanted to create an ad campaign that was focused upon the one thing that people can do in their daily lives to stop the transition of COVID 19,” says Brian Miller, a member of the Montana C-19 Citizens Response Group on Facebook.

The inspiration for this ad campaign came from graphs out of the University of Washington stating that Montana has not yet reached its peak with the virus. “Lets get ahead of the curve” means let’s get ahead of the peak, before it arrives.

“So, we really wanted to come up with a proactive campaign. That’s why we have that idea of “Let’s get ahead of the curve.” We hear a lot about flattening it, but let's get ahead of it since we have a chance to do that in Montana,” says Miller.

This ad campaign is made up of Helena volunteers from two Facebook groups ( Small Businesses of Helena and Montana C-19 Citizens Response Group ) that want to make these poster designs available free for anyone to print out. These groups are encouraging everyone to spread these designs around, to spread the word around about preventing the virus.

“We have this group of individuals that have collected together to say ‘how can we help our community?’ Some see it as overcautious but I would much rather air on the side of, we get out of this and go like ‘man, we did way too much!’ than the opposite, right?” says Jason O’Neil, co-founder of the Small Businesses of Helena Facebook group.

To view/download the poster designs, click here .

For social media versions of the designs, click here .