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Family of Jalen Williams remains frustrated after officials share details of his death

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Posted at 6:27 PM, Mar 01, 2023

“If they wanted it to go a better way then it could’ve gone a better way but they chose not to,” said Terrance Brooks, Jalen Williams’ uncle.

Brooks says he and other family members are still frustrated even after learning what police said happened leading up to Jalen’s death on February 10.

“Very much indifferent- like most of the statement is false,” said Brooks.

On Monday, Livingston officials issued a press release stating police believe Jalen left his home around 3:30 AM to 4:30 AM. 911 calls came in around 5 AM when people heard screaming. It was reported that the screaming sounded like a psychiatric episode. Around 5:30 AM a truck driver reported seeing a naked man running along Highway 89 near where Jalen was found dead.

“The news about the two truck drivers, seeing the man running naked that’s beyond me,” said Brooks.

The family says they will continue to search for answers.

“It has to be about justice, that’s what we are fighting for right now. Its not just me, it’s the family, the community,”

Brooks says he is sad to see Jalen’s future cut short.

“Everybody said that when he smiled, he used to light up the room. It was a good thing to see him smile all the time,” said Brooks. “He had so much life, so many plans, that he already put his steps up already.”