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Election judges needed for Lewis & Clark County

Posted at 6:19 PM, Feb 13, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-14 13:47:42-05

HELENA — Lewis and Clark County is seeking election judges for this upcoming election season.

“They're kind of pivotal to elections, generally speaking, and we're gonna need a lot this year. It's a presidential election. There's a lot going on. So, the more the merrier, really,” says Elections Divisions Supervisor for Lewis and Clark County Elections, Connor Fitzpatrick.

While every county in the state is looking for election judges, Lewis and Clark County is looking for around 300-350 judges. More than 42,000 votes cast in Lewis and Clark County for the last presidential election.

Election judges staff polling places, prepare ballots, and provide other assistance on Election Day, while also protecting the integrity of the process.

They must be 18 years or older and registered to vote in Lewis and Clark County. No previous election experience is required, and judges have to attend training by the County election administrator.

Fitzpatrick says that these folks are essential to making the system work.

“These are the people that allow this whole thing to happen, really. Without elections judges, we only have three full-time staff here. So, running any kind of an election, even a small school election, would be difficult with just three people,” says Fitzpatrick.

Those interested in becoming an election judge can reach out directly to Fitzpatrick at the elections office.