Lewis and Clark County looking at grant to address opioid misuse and addiction

MOAT Meeting.png
Posted at 11:58 AM, Nov 30, 2023

HELENA — On Wednesday, November 29, the Lewis and Clark County Health Officer, Drenda Niemann, informed city and county leaders about upcoming opioid abatement grants.

The Montana Opioid Abatement Trust is dedicated to reducing the harm caused by opioid misuse and addiction in Montana, through prevention, treatment and recovery initiatives.

The trust is expected to receive over $75 million in funding over the next 18 years as part of the settlements between pharmaceutical companies.

Funding is available at the local and state levels for opioid prevention work.

The grant portal to apply for these funds will open in the next four to six months, and local jurisdictions will be able to apply to receive their dedicated percentage of trust dollars.

To apply for funds, the jurisdiction needs to have a certain structure in place.

“Governess structure in place so that the trust knows who the points of connect are and who is the fiduciary for those funds,” Niemann said.