Colleen Brady makes one final gift to Big Brothers-Big Sisters

Posted at 6:30 PM, Oct 23, 2020

Colleen Brady, the late president and CEO of Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Helena and Great Falls (BBBS) continues to help the organization she lead for many years.

Brady dedicated her life to the betterment of children’s lives, right up to the end. She passed away earlier this year after a battle with cancer, but still managed to give one last time to her beloved organization. Brady’s last bequest was a $25,000 gift in her will to BBBS.

“It’s just incredible,” said current BBBS President and CEO Jesse Mahugh. “It really speaks to her legacy and her life’s work. To us right now it means that we can match more youth with a positive mentor and that makes such a huge difference in their lives and I think that change does go on to impact the future of our community.”

BBBS is holding a funding drive right now to match Brady’s gift and honor her commitment to the organization.

Development Coordinator Kelly McDermott says this gift will mean they’re able to grow and expand their services during an uncertain time.

“In a time that a lot of agencies are thinking about contracting in such a hard fundraising time we are able to actually focus on growth,” said McDermott

That growth means there’s going to be a need for more Bigs to mentor kids. It only takes a couple hours a week, and there’s currently more than 20 littles waiting to be matched.

Even without the gift, Brady’ legacy with BBBS will continue to live on through her work, advocacy and the lives she touched.

After all, they named the building after her in 2019.

"The best kept secret of successful leaders is love; staying in love with their work, the people who do it, and most importantly, the people they do it for," Valley Bank President Rosslyn Duncan said. "Colleen Brady was a truly dynamic leader who understood that very well. She continues to inspire us all as her love lives on in her beautiful legacy to BBBS and our community."

"Colleen was a champion for Big Brothers Big Sisters," former BBBS board member Tammy Quintrell-Stubbs stated. "She fiercely advocated for every child involved in the program. Her mission was to defend the potential of every child, and she did just that. Her legacy of love, generosity and volunteerism will impact our youth for years to come."

More information about how to make a donation or how to sign-up to be a mentor can be found on their website.