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$900 in tips stolen after new coffee shop in Clancy is broken into

Posted at 10:24 AM, Jul 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-16 12:24:48-04

The owner of coffee shop in Clancy said someone broke into his drive-through stand and took around $900.

The incident happened sometime between late Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Country Coffee co-owner Leo Wiggins and his wife Suzi opened their coffee stand just five months ago.

Wiggins, a veteran, said opening the shop was one of his wife’s dreams.

He said whoever broke in smashed the drive-through window, got inside, and took his cash box with $50 inside.

They also took tip money they had stashed away. He said they had almost $900 saved up for his wife’s upcoming bodybuilding competition.

“Have some of conscience about what you’re doing to the small business man, who’s working his tail off, and innocent,” he said. “And you take what I’m earning everyday.”

Wiggins said they will invest in security cameras, and they’re staying open.

He said they also learned a lesson about leaving the cash box in sight of the window.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the break-in.

-Reported by Evelyn Schultz/MTN News