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PureView Health Center to become independent nonprofit

Posted at 8:25 PM, Jun 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-06 22:25:13-04

HELENA — Helena’s PureView Health Center announced June 6 it is becoming an independent nonprofit and small health community in March 2020 — with plans to separate from its partnership with Lewis and Clark County.

In 1994, the clinic opened its doors originally with assistance from the county. It has grown substantially in four locations, offering services such as primary care, dental, behavioral health, case management and even enrollment services for insurance assistance.

By separating from the county, the health center will become an independent, nonprofit organization, and leaders say the change will allow the clinic to become more flexible in the rapidly changing world of health care.

Jill Steeley, executive director for PureView Health, told MTN: “It’s important for people to know that this is a completely amicable separation. There’s no hard feelings between PureView and the county. This is strictly a business strategy, and I think the county has done us a huge favor and made us successful by letting us use their infrastructure over the last 25 years. It’s just time for us to be able to go out on our own and be a sustainable health care organization.”

This change means PureView will apply for its primary funding without the county co-applicant and will then operate under its own infrastructure, meaning their hiring practices, budget, accounting and personnel policies will not be governed by the county, enabling them to have more freedom as an independent unit.

Steeley also told MTN that patients should not be concerned about this separation and patients will not experience an interruption or change in the standard of care they receive.

For more information on PureView Health and future county changes, visit the organization’s website here.

-Reported by Christine Sullivan/MTN News