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Montana Historical Society app for cultural resources continues to expand

Posted at 4:47 PM, May 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-28 20:06:14-04

The Montana Historical Society continues to add photos, maps, and information to its ‘Explore Big’ app.

The app is meant to help people discover Montana’s rich cultural resources and was first released two years with information on 250 Montana properties. The app has since grown to more than 1,500 listings.

The properties are included on the app if they are on the National Register and if they have a sign to indicate their National Register status.

Outreach and Interpretation Historian Christine Brown said the app’s contents will continually be updated to include more photos.

Users can access properties by their specific location or, in some cases, by theme.

“Within the app or the website it’s really easy to search,” said Brown. “If you know the name of the property, say the Tuttle House, you can search for it that way. Or if you’re just interested in something like say depots, or the mining industry, or the early history of Montana, you can also take one of our pre-curated tours.”

Brown said the National Register signs and ‘Explore Big’ app are supported financially through the bed tax.

The app is available for iPhone or Android for free — or it can be viewed on the website by clicking here.

-Reported by Melissa Jensen/MTN News