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St. Peter’s Health renovations add clinical space and more parking options

Posted at 2:56 PM, Jan 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-15 16:56:10-05

St. Peter’s Health is in the process of making some changes that will increase clinical space at the hospital and parking spaces for patient and visitor use.

They are currently renovating the former Student Assistance Foundation building on East Broadway, which non-clinical, administrative services such as human resources, the St. Peter’s Foundation, and administration will move into.

“This building has about 170 parking spaces,” said St. Peter’s Health CEO Wade Johnson. “So currently we have employees parking on campus, around the medical center, who will now be parking over here. So that will be freeing up a lot of spaces for our patients and our visitors.”

Moving employees to the former SAF building also means more foot traffic. Improvements have already been made to the crosswalk used by patients, visitors, and employees across Broadway. 

St. Peter’s Health asks motorists to keep an eye out for the new flashing lights.

“We will have patients and employees going back and forth across Broadway more frequently than they have in the past,” added Johnson. “So we worked with the city – they were great – in helping us come up with a plan for a good, safe solution for that. So now in addition to being able to occupy this space, we also have a safer way to get between the buildings and get across Broadway.”

St. Peter’s already has plans in the works for how it will expand services into the opened up clinical space.

They will also completely re-work their parking lot this summer, which will add even more parking spots once complete.

-Reported by Melissa Jensen/MTN News