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1889 Coffeehouse celebrates opening in Helena

Posted at 8:57 PM, Nov 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 10:55:43-05

HELENA – 1889 Coffeehouse is now open to the public after a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday.

Named for the year Montana achieved statehood, the coffeehouse at 1800 Prospect Avenue features photographs from the Montana Historical Society and employs 35 people.

Although Monday was their first day officially open, owner Brett Wiensch said the turnout has been great.

“The community support has been great,” said Wiensch. “We’re new and we’re not saying we’re perfect. We welcome any feedback people have and we’re looking at what people are suggesting.”

Wiensch said it was important to him to have the business be family-oriented and one that reflects the Helena community.

“That’s why we’re a coffeehouse, we want to be like your house,” said Wiensch.

Wiensch is joined by his wife and daughter in this venture, adding the business would not be possible without support from his family.

“We originally looked at buying other businesses, but nothing seemed to work out. So we wanted to come up with something fun and something we didn’t think was here in Helena,” said Wiensch. “It’s a big investment and I have some very wonderful in-laws that have helped us out.”

When the property became available for purchase, Wiensch said he was excited and sees it as a great opportunity, given the number on cars that travel Prospect Avenue and the new construction in the area.

1889 Coffeehouse is currently looking at ways to make a donation to the Montana Historical Society for helping them and hopes to donate each year on Statehood Day.

For more information about 1889 Coffeehouse, visit their website or Facebook page.

-Reported by John Riley/MTN News