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Webcam lets people check the line at the motor vehicle registration office

Posted at 5:45 PM, Oct 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-19 19:58:29-04

Lewis & Clark County is looking to ease the wait time for those who need to register their vehicle in person.

They’ve added a web cam to their motor vehicle hall to help residents gauge the wait-time before they drive to the City-County building.

County officials say they understand long lines can be frustrating and hope this is one way they can help.

County Clerk and Recorder/Treasurer Paulette DeHart says so far, not many residents know the web cam is available, since they just recently finished installing it.

“Very few people have known about it because we’ve just been getting it installed and online.  We started with Wi-fi and ended up hardwiring it in for dependability,” says DeHart.  “Hopefully people will use it.  It’s just a live stream, we’re not retaining or recording anything.  So when you travel over MacDonald Pass in the winter, you check the webcam for the roads, the same way you can check the webcam before you drive down here.”

The web cam can be viewed on the county’s website by clicking here.

Officials say online renewals are another way to avoid lines.  And those needing title work can always make an appointment.

  • Reported by Melissa Jensen