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Vigilante Day Parade Award Winners 2024

Vigilante Day Parade
Vigilante Day Parade
Vigilante Day Parade
Posted at 3:57 PM, May 03, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-03 18:00:54-04

The annual Vigilate Day parade rolled through Helena on Friday, May 3, 2024, delighting spectators who cheered participants and the creative floats.

Parade organizers said that this year's parade featured 88 floats, and the Senior class won the A.J. Roberts Cup with 48.9% of students participating.

  • 2nd Place - Junior Class 43.8%
  • 3rd Place - Freshman Class 35.9%
  • 4th Place - Sophomore Class 31.9%

Here are the officials results:
Grand Champion
Last Chance Gulch During Gold Rush: Ashlynn Cornwell, Drew Bennett, Aiden Ferebee, Keyona Herndon, Marias McDowell, Tanner Miller, Maria Mozer, Abigail Shanks, and Makenna Szarowicz.

Most Historically Accurate (Montana Historical Society)
First Special Services Force Training: Andrey Butler, Dottie Erickson, Elizabeth Hellyer, Sophia Scott, and Shae Shifley.

American Indian
Big Medicine Comes Home: Kathleen Pitkanan, Jazmine Buffalo, Alexandria Flath, and Corey Gardipee.

Historic Helena
1. Symphony Under the Stars: Megan Abelin, Yuta Alvey, Hosnya Ayidomihou, Marelee Cloninger, Hannah Colby, Claudia Cook, William Davidson, Jaedin Hermes, Amanda Schiedermayer, Lydia Slead, and Alice Townsend.
2. Last Chance Stampede (Began 1960): Matthew Marcille, Ben LaForge, Braden Beatty, Andrew Mendez, Cole Flugge, Jackson Cosgrove, Kehler Woodland, Matthew Goleman, Ryan Grossman, Sam Ark, and Tanner Bailey.
3. Skills USA: Sabrina Braden, Adara Partridge, Sean Mcclelland, Connor Kalista, Kris Fernandez, Bruce Beatley, and Cameron Mann.

Pioneer Life
Montana Fish and Game: McKennah Danielson, Coryn Perschon, Dana Lenz, Davis Franklin, Emmett Brown, Hudson Butter, Isaac McNally, Kaden Price, Kaylyn Barns, Lane Wes, Titan Raskovich, and Kaitlyn Tabbert.

Helena Business
1.St. John’s Hospital: Taylor Sayers, Riley Chandler, Kathryn Emmert, Cecily Blaz, Gracie Mockel, and Ali Miller.
2.Murphy’s Mufflers: Kolter Reynolds, Kip Neal, Charles Dean, Cody Merrill, Josh Wellar, Zara Little, and Trent Kopp.
3. The Parrot: Kortni Courchane, Raechera Clark, Kendall Courchane, Aurora Miller, Ava Reichert, and Maddie Wirtz.

Famous People
Capture of Ted Kacynski: Sage Moler, Alexis Barkell, Braden Basten, Lincoln Frederickson, Anthony McAlpin, Hadrian Mullins, and Clayton Olson.

Mining and Transportation
Drum Lummon Mine: James Hanson, Warren Ryser, Tyler Beaver, and Reese Hoskins.

Antique Vehicles
Antique Tractor: Zane Newlon and Justin Patten