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Three Capital High School students win statewide financial competition

Three Capital High School students win statewide financial competition
Posted at 5:34 PM, Apr 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-22 19:34:42-04

HELENA — The Montana Council for Economic Education announced the state winners of the Personal Finance Competition Friday, April 22.

Three Capital High juniors, Paul Mousel, Ethan Hull and Evan Coble, were the Montana winners.

For the teenagers learning the vocabulary surrounding budgeting and finances was an exciting venture.

“There was a couple of financial terms that I did not know that I had to find out on the spot,” said Mousel.

The three high schoolers competed virtually against 320 competitors and won $500 to split between them.

Mat Reyant is the Capital High School Business Educator and says he could not have been more proud.

“We had some kids with some high scores and that was kind of impressive and then when we got the news that we had three teams in the top 10 and the one team that the state champions that was that was awesome to see,” said Reyant.

The Montana Council for Economic Education says teaching people at a young age how to budget and improve finanical relationships is a key part of the competition

“It was once almost impolite to talk about money and finance and that's really hurt a lot of people when they make decisions when they come out of high school or college level and so if we can do these programs that are improving and understanding relationship with money and understanding scarcity and budgets and prioritization then we're having a lot more success,” said Dax Schieffer.

Capital High School had three teams total place in the top ten, and Mousel, Hull and Coble will compete in a semi-final on May 11.