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Last Chance Motel is being sold after minor renovation

Last Chance Motel is being sold after minor renovation
Posted at 5:07 PM, Aug 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-13 11:14:34-04

ELLISTON, Mont. — After being sold in December of 2020, the Last Chance Motel is back on the market following some minor renovations.

Robyn Deslaurier, her husband, and her brother and sister-in-law all co-own the long-standing motel, and when they first saw it up for sale, the four saw an opportunity.

An opportunity to update a "hidden gem" of a property, while still maintaining the heart and soul that travelers have come to love.

"It had been meticulously cared for, but it needed some updating," said Deslaurier. "That's really what we did. We came in and we put on new flooring in the two houses and in the motel rooms and we painted and we got new bedding."

Deslaurier noted during the renovations it was a delicate balance of blending new and old but feels they were able to do so. While the four owners are just into their second year of ownership, life happens and priorities shift.

"When we purchased it and we decided to do this we weren't pregnant with Charlie yet and so now that Charlie's here and I have another little boy — I have two under two," said Deslaurier holding her daughter, Charlie. "It's become a lot to take care of."

While Deslaurier says it's sad to see the motel up for sale so soon after they bought it, she hopes the next owners enjoy the property as much as they did.

"It's two houses and a motel and for the right people it'll be great for them and that's why I feel like we'd be passing it on," said Deslaurier. "I keep hoping that the right people come who are excited about it that are going to like carry the torch for it because it's a fun property."