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L&C County recommends flood preparations

Posted at 6:03 PM, Apr 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-02 20:54:10-04

Lewis and Clark County are reminding residents to be prepared for spring flooding and know the resources that are available.

Safety should always be a person's top priority during a flooding event.

If water is running across roadways people still need to obey traffic signs, and not drive around road barricades that were put up by law enforcement or road crews. An average vehicle can be swept off the road with only 12 inches of moving water.

People should avoid driving through a flooded street, especially in a populated area as the vehicle can push flood water into homes or businesses.

During a flooding event, people should always get their well water tested before consuming, cooking or washing with it.

The Elkhorn COAD will have bottled water available again if wells become contaminated. Twenty test kits will be delivered to the Augusta volunteer fire department ahead of time for distribution if needed, and Lewis and Clark Public Health will coordinate collection and sampling.

Augusta saw two major flooding events in recent years. County officials say weather always plays a key role in flooding, and snowpack in the Augusta area is around 123 percent of normal.

“It’s important that people stay vigilant all the time,” said Lewis and Clark County Commission Chair Susan Good Geise. “When that water comes, it comes pretty dog gone quick and you don’t have a whole lot of opportunity. If you’re not prepared you're going to be in a jam.”

If COVID-19 is still a community concern, people are reminded to practice social distancing protocols should they need to pick up water or sand. Health care services could be at capacity due to COVID-19 and people should do all they can to lessen the strain on services.

The County also recently wrapped up their Trap Club Flood Mitigation Project as part of the Helena Valley’s flood mitigation work .

The new culverts, widened ditches and drainage system should significantly improve water flow in the area.