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Schools receive AEDs from Helena Police Department

Posted at 10:02 AM, Apr 17, 2024

HELENA — Numerous life-saving AEDs were recently donated by the Helena Police Department to Helena Public Schools.

“Thank God we haven't had too many of those situations. But now that we have, every building has an AED near the gym, we're prepared for any of those events as they may arise,” says Neal Murray, Safety and Operations Manager for Helena Public Schools.

Murray just finished installing the final AED (Automated External Defibrillator) last Friday. There are 4 in each larger high school, 2 in each middle school, and 1 in every elementary school. He’s now working with St. Peter’s Heath to train school staff on how to use the AEDs.

“So, I delegate the online training and then St. Pete’s handles the in-person training. As, after today, we'll have trained 40 new staff since April 1,” says Murray.

These AEDs were donated by the Helena Police Department after getting new ones.

The models happen to also match the same AEDs the school district already has.

These AEDs can be reused, while the pads and batteries do expire and get changed out when those dates arrive.

Murray says that these life-saving devices are key to protecting anyone who may suffer from the throes of sudden cardiac arrest.

“If somebody goes into cardiac arrest, these pads will sense or detect any arrhythmias in their cardiac function. And then, actually tell the bystanders what steps to take: breaths, compressions, or shock, if necessary,” says Murray.