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Helena Horse Rescue raising money to build new barn

Posted at 9:47 PM, Nov 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-25 23:47:14-05

A Helena group, dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating horses, is celebrating two years in action this December. So far, they’ve saved dozens of horses from slaughter.

Now, Helena Horse Rescue wants to make an even bigger dream come true: a newer, larger facility for their horses.

As rescue horses Sunny and Penny watch, the work is beginning on the organization’s future home.

Founder Cherron Davis estimates they’ve saved about 40 horses since they started.

What might look like a pile of dirt right now, is a step in the right direction for Davis.

“We only have 50 acres, so we have to feed hay year round, and that does get expensive,” she told MTN. “Last year I think we spent $11,000 dollars on hay.”

Davis and her fiancé Trever have spent their time, and own money, taking in horses other people don’t want, often saving their lives. Davis said it feels like the right thing to do.

But they’re now running out of space at their current property, so they can only board up to 18 horses.

A few weeks ago, they closed on a property on Lincoln Road, bringing them up to 580 acres. That land is where they want to build a barn.

“If we do get more indoor space, and some more shelter for ‘em, we could take on more horses,” said Davis. “And the training could be all year round, not just in the summer.”

“We could potentially get them adopted faster, if we could get them for training.”

She estimates they need anywhere between $80,000 and $90,000 for the barn.

She started an online fundraiser, to hopefully raise part of that amount, so their horses have a special place to call home during their second chance at life.

Here is the link to the fundraiser.

If you’d like to donate in other ways, Davis says they’re always grateful for donations of grain or tack.

And if you have experience with horses, you can volunteer. Click here to find out how: