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Helena Church will do Easter Service 'drive-in' style

Posted at 6:04 PM, Apr 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-10 20:04:43-04

HELENA -- With churches all across the country trying to figure out ways to keep it's members close, Living Hope Fellowship is taking a page from the movie industry and doing their Easter Sunday service like a drive-in.

"We just said, 'Well, how do we meet together and still maintain social distancing, but yet get together and encourage one another, strengthen each other, strengthen each others faith?'" said Tobe Johnson, senior pastor for the Living Hope Fellowship. "Out of those discussions, the idea of an outside church service popped up.”

Members of the Church can pull into the parking lot on Easter Sunday, and tune in to the service using their FM dial, but in order to keep with social distancing guidelines, the Church can't provide a bathroom and is asking anyone who plans to take communion, to bring their own supplies to do so.

Johnson knows that in this first service, there could be some technical difficulties, but if it catches on, he doesn't see it going away.

"We're a small church, we don't have a ton of resources. We're just a group of community people. So there'll be some hiccups, but as long as we're under the social guidelines of the county and federal, governmental entities, we want to abide by that. So we'll probably continue to do this," said Johnson.