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Helena Avenue Theatre is hosting improv classes

Posted at 10:44 AM, Apr 05, 2024

HELENA — Helena Avenue Theatre the Montana Playwrights Network has begun improv classes for adults looking to have some fun and improve their acting.

“In examining what people need in order to be able to tell stories you have to be able to make up your thoughts on the spot. And we all have stories to tell. And so, in telling those stories quite often somebody just asked you a question and, you know, yadda yadda, and then you have to answer that story,” says Pamela Mencher, the President of Montana Playwrights Network.

These improv classes are being offered to give adults in Helena the opportunity to explore this artistic medium, improve their acting skills, and generally just have fun.

Currently, the group has just started the second-ever set of classes and is still accepting applicants for about another week.

Errol Koch, the improv teacher at the theatre, says that the lessons learned in improv can be applied to life beyond the stage.


“Beyond the theater and the improv and the comedy of all of it, learning to just share a space with another individual and improv is so much about listening. I mean, that seems, if we're talking about in the grand scheme of what we're doing here, like, that's like the universal takeaway that I think can apply to just about anything,” says Koch.

Montana Playwrights Network offers workshops, seminars, plays, and more, as well as the upcoming Montana Writers Rodeo on April 19 and 20, a writers' conference that features lectures, readings, and networking.