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COVID-19 Update: Carroll College to move to online classes

Posted at 4:16 PM, Mar 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-13 20:42:31-04

Carroll College says it will move forward with online/distance delivery of their curriculum, beginning on March 23.

In a news release on Friday, Carroll says

While academics will transition to online instruction, the campus itself will remain open with residence halls and dining services fully operational at this time.

The college has moved up the dates for the testing of our online learning capabilities to Tuesday and Wednesday, March 17 and 18. Remote instruction will be fully implemented beginning Monday, March 23 and will continue through Thursday, April 9.

March 16-20:
In-person and online testing will be conducted.

  • Monday: Classes will be regularly conducted in-person
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Faculty and staff will conduct all their classes online via Zoom and Moodle
  • Thursday & Friday: Classes will be regularly conducted in person

This schedule will allow our faculty and students to test and finalize their preparation for remote instruction. Students will receive additional information about the next steps to take in order to carry out this transition to distance learning.
March 23-April 9:
Remote instruction via Moodle and Zoom will begin and continue through April 9.

  • Faculty will communicate directly with their students on expectations regarding coursework and assignments.·
  • Students engaged in off-campus experiences (internships, clinicals, student teaching, etc.) will receive further details from their faculty members.

April 14 – May 7:
Currently the college plans to resume campus in-person classes following Easter break. We will be monitoring the situation and will keep you apprised of any changes to this schedule.

Residence Life: The campus will remain open. Students are able to return home during the online instruction period of March 23-April 9, if they wish. Students need to make the best decision they can for their individual circumstance.

Campus Events: The college is suspending all mid- and large-scale events scheduled on campus beginning immediately through Monday, April 13. This includes both college-sponsored and hosted events.

They are in contact with other universities and following the guidance of health authorities.

The college says safety and security of staff and students is a top priority.

Please submit your questions at . We ask for your patience as we review and answer your inquiries.

Current updates can be found on the CDC website .