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Big Sky Art and Craft Shows hosts 36th annual spring show

Big Sky Art and Craft Shows hosts 36th annual spring show
Posted at 10:33 AM, Mar 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-26 20:49:11-04

HELENA — The Big Sky Spring Art and Craft Show took over the Helena Civic Center on Saturday, March 26th.

“It's exciting that we're able to get out and have shows again and bring people together and just all the vendors themselves are wonderful, and bringing the community out to support you know local handmade items is pretty amazing,” said Mallory Remond, owner of the Big Sky Art and Craft Shows.

Redmond says the 36th annual Spring Art and Craft Show has fewer vendors than usual, with only 75 compared to previous years with 90 vendors, all because of COVID-19.

“Because we weren't able to have a show for two years, I think some people retired was one thing 'cause, you know, they were older and they're just ready to get out and COVID kind of pushed them out,” said Remond.

Despite the lower numbers, the show offered patrons items like cutting boards, to sweets, to hand made hats.

For Nature’s Second Chance Creations owner Myron and Bev Kovash, the trade shows are how they exclusively sell their items.

“That's the only way to sell them. I don't go to any stores to sell in the stores, it's all at the shows,” said Kovash.

The Kovash’s traveled from Livingston to Helena and sell their items, and they were eager to sell as it is their first time in Helena.

“The first time to Helena show and we're kind of excited. Hopefully it's a good show for everybody, and so we were kind of looking forward to it,” said Kovash.

For Helena resident KC Cordiner and her business Blue Orchid Gifts, it is great to begin selling again.

“Well, I think for all of us because we've been shut down for the last two years, it's really nice for us to be able to get back into business and be able to do these things and some of us do them as a hobby and a lot of people do them as a lifetime support, you know?,” said Cordiner.

Plus Cordiner says the community of Helena is more than encouraging to offer their business.

“We have really great community support, so it's really fantastic to be able to be back in here again and do these things,” said Cordiner.

The Big Sky Art and Craft Shows will host a Fall Art and Craft Show on October 22nd at the Helena Civic Center.