Helena fighters looking to go to the next level with premier boxing opportunity

H-Town Boxing Club fighters to go to premier boxing opportunity
Posted at 7:38 PM, Jan 27, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-29 12:21:57-05

HELENA — Two young Helena fighters earned their spot in the National Silver Gloves Tournament, an esteemed boxing competition for young fighters, and the H-Town Boxing Club is trying to find a way to get them in the ring.

“Boxing is life,” said Duran Caferro Sr., the head coach at the H-Town Boxing Club.

In the gymnasium of Headwaters Church, Monday through Thursday from 4:15 to 5:15, the H-Town Boxing Club gets together and trains. It's the only boxing club in the Queen City and is one of the few around Montana.

"To be a part of H-Town. It's a great experience because a lot of good boxers have been produced here, and it's been around for about three years. So you can trust the coach, and you know, you get like to meet new people," said Anthony Espino, H-town boxer and grandson of Cafferro Sr.

Espino, who's 16 years old, and Dontae Velarde, who's 15 years old, have been fighting since they were six years old and both have a combined 180 total fights, are both training for the National Silver Gloves Tournament, a chance to go head-to-head in the ring, with some of the best boxers in the United States. The fight is being hosted in Kansas City, Missouri.

“It’s nerve-wracking. they’re getting out there, but it’s nothing we haven’t been through before,” said Espino.

”It’s still really exciting because you’re going there and you’re going to be with the other best fighters in the country,” said Valarde.

While these two make it sound like it's easy to make the tournament, it’s not.

Caferro, father of Helena legend, and nine-time national boxing champion Durin Caferro Jr., has coached boxing for over 30 years and says that these fighters are special.

“They are two of the most powerful pound, the best fighters in Montana. They are definitely champs in the ring, and champions out of the ring. They’re very humble. They get very good grades. They’re team leaders and they’re positive role models. They’re champs,” said Caferro.

There is one hurdle preventing this one-two-punch from getting them to the ring for the national tournament. Getting the funds to get them to Missouri, but they are not throwing in the towel. H-Town Boxing has been hosting fundraisers leading up to the tournament.

"Any kind of support is much appreciated, and that's absolutely what we need. These kids need support, to pursue their dreams," said Caferro.

On Monday, they’ll be teaming up with the Helena Indian Alliance for a spaghetti feed, where it will be $10 a plate, and proceeds will help the boxers get closer to their goal.

“Boxing is life and to have the ability to bring kids in and go from the bottom to the top, whether it’s in the gym or in life, it’s all very gratifying and uplifting,” said Caferro.

The National Silver Gloves Tournament is scheduled for February 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

It’s pretty impressive what these boxers are capable of, if you miss their fundraising events, you can Venmo Duran-caferro to support these impressive fighters on their journey to making it to the top.