Helena Citizens Conservation Board seek community discussion on reducing waste

Posted at 4:24 PM, Aug 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-21 01:06:55-04

The Helena Citizens Conservation Board is sponsoring multiple community meetings in hopes to reduce Helena’s waste footprint.

The first meeting was on August 18th, 2020. The board brought on three guest speakers from other Montana cities and the owner of Helena Recycling to discuss their reduced-waste innovations and ideas with the public.

The beginning of these discussions brought an idea of a Zero-Waste program in Helena where a community diverts their waste-stream from going into a landfill by a set date. In the meeting, a representative from the City of Missoula discussed the city’s Zero-Waste program and how they have a goal to reduce waste by 30% by 2025, 90% by 2050.

“This was the first of what we hope is an ongoing conversation to develop ways in which Helena can reduce its waste footprint. Again, back to the four R's of: Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, Recycle," says Ann Brodsky, a member on the Helena Citizen Conservation Board.

The next scheduled public meeting is September 14th, 2020.

Click here to watch the first meeting.

Zoom meeting information will be published here when available.