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Valley View Elementary School hosts flag dedication ceremony

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Posted at 12:06 PM, Apr 22, 2024

The Great Falls Association of Realtors donated a large US flag to Valley View Elementary School on Thursday as part of their flag project.

“This is our 40th year of being a non-for-profit in our community; we donated this flag today for Valley View and our goal is to donate a flag to every elementary school by the end of 2024 in Great Falls, Montana,” said Zac Griffin, CEO of the Great Falls Association of Realtors.

The non-profit is aiming to raise awareness in honoring what the flag symbolizes for the community. Students at Valley View are learning the importance of freedom and courage and expressed what they have learned in the flag dedication ceremony.

“We had our walls painted [and] we had to have the flag taken down and so we got a new flag to remember our people who served and the people who worked in the military,” Austyn, a sixth grader at Valley View said.

The Great Falls Association of Realtors has been partnered with the Montana Air National Guard since the beginning and work together to keep the giant flag flying on Flag Hill year-round.

“We have a lot of great community partners. Great Falls Fire and Rescue, Great Falls PD, the sheriff's office, and our special partnership with Montana Air National Guard. They're the ones that help us keep the flag actually going over the city; when there's a problem, they're the first ones to take care of it,” Griffin said.

The community of Great Falls believes in the importance of educating the younger generation about the history of our nation. The flag dedication is one step in that direction.

“I'm actually retired military, and the flag is near and dear to my heart. The men and women who have served and are serving, we truly, the flag is something we place every day close to our heart and to guard our freedoms and to teach the younger generation the importance of what the flag actually symbolizes or what it means, not only in our community but to our nation,” said Carey Hamrick, school counselor at Valley View Elementary.

There will be a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Flag Day in Great Falls on June 14th at Overlook Park.