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The power of Legos helps Great Falls man through tough times

Posted at 4:06 PM, Mar 01, 2023

GREAT FALLS — Life can have its share of ups and downs and bumps in the road. For Joe Fisher of Great Falls, he’s using a long-time childhood toy to help him get by.

“As a kid, growing up, I would play with Legos a lot,” said Fisher.

The Lego fascination, especially with trucks and heavy equipment, is personal.

“My dad, he’s still a truck driver,” said Fisher. “Growing up as a kid I’d go with my dad on the road and see big semis going down the road and that’s just what interests me.

Fisher, 34 years old, also loves music, especially southern Gospel, which explains the intricately designed tour buses in his Lego collection.

An ulnar fracture resulting from a fall required both elbow and shoulder surgery. The Lego reunion served as more than just physical therapy.

“Last year I went through behavioral health therapy,” said Fisher. “I just came to the end of myself. And I told my therapist I wanted to do Legos again.”

He admits he struggled with his patience for a while before the light came on for what was thought to be a long-lost passion from his childhood.

“This is what’s helping me get through,” said Fisher. “I got my ups and downs, my days where it gets a little depressing, but I get my Legos out and start tinkering around with it and maybe try to do an upgrade to my trailers or something like that or a tractor. It got me through.”

His crowning achievement is a shed hauler which he perfected through trial and error.

“I finally got it to where I liked it and went to show it off at Montana Shed Center and they liked it,” said Fisher. “My friend out there said I should sell it on the shed hauler’s page,” referring to an auction page on Facebook.


Fisher reluctantly agreed and before he knew it, the piece fetched $3,000.

Fisher estimates he invested about $500 in the project.

Joseph worked most recently for United Materials as a laborer. His surgery left him unemployed, but he’ll soon return to his native Pennsylvania for another opportunity.

You can bet he’s in no hurry to put his Legos away.

“I intend to keep on going with it in my spare time,” said Fisher. “It helps, it's good brain therapy and it keeps me going.”

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