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The Art of Gunsmithing

Fit & Finish Gunworks
Posted at 9:40 AM, Sep 02, 2023

GREAT FALLS — Reporter Paul Sanchez recently met with Jon Bush, the owner of Fit & Finish Gunworks in Great Falls, to learn about gunsmithing. Bush says his shop can handle all types of firearms from mounting a scope to fixing a trigger, all the way to a complete custom build. Watch the video:

The Art of Gunsmithing

He explained, "We do a bit of everything here. You know, you need your scope mounted, we'll do that properly. We do the detailed cleanings. When you get Grandpa's gun that's been sitting in the closet for 60 years, right before hunting season, its muzzle breaks. I've been threading barrels left and right, two or three a day, almost four muzzle breaks. So we do a lot of that or for suppressors."

Fit & Finish is at 700 Keogh Court (Suite #4) in Great Falls. To learn more, click here to visit the website.