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Remembering Great Falls radio personality Skip Walters

Skip Walters
Posted at 5:10 PM, May 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-31 19:10:23-04

GREAT FALLS — "Skip was a legend in the broadcast industry, really, especially in this market,” radio station KMON manager Ron Korb said about Skip Walters.

Legend is a big word, but one Korb doesn't hesitate to use to describe Skip Walters.

"Skip's been broadcasting in this area somewhere between 40 and 50 years overall,” Korb said.

Skip passed away on May 29.

"I think with Skip, he had a really unique sense of humor and that came across on the radio stations for sure,” Korb said.

"Skip was my very first program director, which means he gave me my first on-air job,” said Tammie Toren, KMON program director and announcer.

Toren said Walters' death is more than just a loss for the radio station.

"Skip did so much for Great Falls whenever he could, whatever was necessary at the time. Whether it was at the veterans memorial or at the Maggie or maybe he was doing a remote. Even just here when the weather's bad and everybody's worried. Skip would be on the radio saying 'The storm's going to last this long' and all that stuff,” Toren explained.

Longtime friend and coworker Steve Keller will also remember Walters for his humor as well as being a great communicator.

"Being in the hall between the records between the radio shows and all of the funny stuff that we did to make each other laugh and make our day go so much better,” said Keller. "He did sports, he did news, he was on the air, he did live remotes. He was a real jack of all trades and he loved radio."

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Skip Walters
Skip Walters (2015)