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"My Best Day 5K" honors the spirit of Jake Arntson

"My Best Day 5K" honors the spirit of Jake Arntson
"My Best Day 5K" honors the spirit of Jake Arntson
Posted at 8:14 PM, Sep 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-13 11:05:18-04

GREAT FALLS — The saying “today is going to be my best day” means a lot to Great Falls. It was something Jake Arntson exemplified and people were able to see that mindset in person again at West Bank Park for the fifth annual My Best Day 5K race.

Jake died in a car crash on New Year’s Eve in 2012 when he was just seven years old, and his family organized the race to raise money for the Jake Arntson Scholarship Fund and give away best teammate of the year awards out to athletes from high schools in the form of $3,500.

Joanie Agamenoni is an organizer for the race and Jake’s aunt, and said it was great to see so many people running for a good cause in person after last year’s race was held completely virtually due to Covid.

They also dedicated the race to other people that passed away too soon with an Angel Avenue filled with pictures of family members at the finish line of the race.

“That’s the heart and soul of this race. We’re up to 33 angels this year and to see families come out and see their loved ones honored is great,” Agamenoni said.

"My Best Day 5K" honors the spirit of Jake Arntson

Agamenoni said they had more than 200 people register for the race this year, which is about double what they expect for an average race.

“Jake’s demeanor was to be a great teammate. He wanted everyone else to do good and shine through and that’s why this is so important to give these scholarships to the best teammates,” Agamenoni said.

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