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Great Falls hosts downtown Sidewalk Sale and Fresh On Fourth

Posted at 7:38 PM, Jul 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-25 21:52:30-04

The annual Sidewalk Sale filled up the streets on Saturday in downtown Great Falls. Retailers, restaurants, vendors, and food trucks embraced the sunny day.

We spoke with first-time participant Tammie Hickey; she and her husband Doug own Montana Cutouts. They tell us they are excited to be part of this event: "This is the first time we've ever done this. We're excited. My husband started doing this as a project, and it's expanded, people have bought his signs for wedding gifts, for Christmas gifts. He's only been doing it for about a year. And we're just excited to be here."

She says it's so lovely that people are out: "It's nice to have people out and about with their masks on but just being able to socially distance and purchase things from downtown."

And Pizazz hosted "Fresh On Fourth" on Saturday to help with the demand for fresh local produce. They blocked off 4th Street from Central Avenue to the alley to make room for fresh produce and food sales.

We talked with Paul Wipf, the produce manager for the Hilltop Colony, and he explained how he got involved in the Fresh On Fourth event: "Veronica (owner of Pizazz) called me, and she said people are dying for fresh produce, and they needed someone to come down here. People were desperate for vegetables, so we decided to come on down."

He also explains they always want to give the best and freshest product: "We take a lot of pride in it as far as packaging it and all the protocols, cleanliness, and stuff like that. The product is also fresh and hasn't been shipped and good quality. The freshness of it, the quality, the just good food, people love it. It's not all from the grocery stores. And it's the quality that brings people out."

But this year not many people have been coming out, so they want people to know they are here. "We think people don't know about it. It's a new location. And we also believe people are a little worried about the COVID-19."

They also are going to be bringing fresh fruit later in the season.