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Great Falls church hosts worldwide virtual charity concert

Great Falls church hosts worldwide virtual charity concert
Posted at 9:01 AM, Feb 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-22 11:01:11-05

GREAT FALLS — The building was rocking on Sunday evening at Alexander Temple Church in Great Falls - but not just the building in Great Falls. Churches in Japan, Vietnam, Jamaica, and other countries were also in on the action. Churches from across the globe lent their singing voices to Mercy Ships for a “Virtual Global Gospel Explosion” charity event organized by church officials in Great Falls.

Mercy Ships travels across the world providing surgeries and aid to people in need free of charge, and also trains doctors in those countries to continue to care for their county’s citizens after the healthcare ships leave.

“We got to start storing our frequent flyer miles,” said Alexander Temple pastor Marcus Collins to the people attending and the viewers watching the church’s YouTube live stream from home before the virtual concert began. “So, we’re gonna take a little trip to japan, and we’re gonna spend some time with Pastor Marcel and Pastor Kennedy in Japan, y’all."

Churches from all parts of the globe recorded a brief intro video, many thanking Collins and his church for their work in organizing the charity event. Then they all presented their renditions of gospel music, while encouraging viewers to donate to Mercy Ships.

Great Falls church hosts worldwide virtual charity concert

According to the Mercy Ships website, they plan to launch a new ship this year called the Global Mercy. That new ship will double their capacity to provide free surgeries and train doctors worldwide.

“We go into areas like Senegal and Benin and Togo and Sierra Leone and Liberia,” explained Dr. Gary Brandenburg in an introductory video thanking the Great Falls church and explaining the mission of Mercy Ships. “We do as many surgeries as we possibly can.”

To learn more or to donate to Mercy Ships, visit