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Great Falls businesses deal with higher fuel prices

Posted at 5:30 PM, Mar 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-03 19:30:35-05

GREAT FALLS — Gas prices are going up and for some companies that depend on it, they say that’s just a cost of doing business.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has affected parts of everyday life not just in those two countries, but around the world as well. With Russia being a major crude oil exporter, gas prices are climbing, even here in Great Falls.

For many companies in town that rely on gas and fuel, it’s a cost of doing business, no matter the cost of filling a tank up.

Big Sky Bus Lines GM Barbie Stucker says bus routes will not be affected but it will cost more for them and the district. She added they are contracted with GFPS so that the district pays 75% of fuel costs and the bus line pays the remaining 25%.

“We still have to get kids to school so we just have to do whatever it takes to get them there. It affects our motorcoaches as well because those go over the road and so it just changes the way we charge rates when it comes to doing a trip so it’s going to cost everyone more overall,” Stucker said.

Carnahan’s Towing is another company that is preparing to absorb the hits of extra fuel costs. Casey Pozder drives for them and had to fill up one of their semis. His final bill was 373 dollars. He did the math on if he had gotten more expensive diesel, and he would have paid over 400 dollars. He added they fill up every other day, sometimes every day.

“We’ll feel it but we’re not going to make our customers feel it. We’re not going to change our prices for it. It’s been $3.80 to four dollars essentially anywhere you go. And at 3.91, it’s quite a bit. They’re going up but they haven’t really affected us yet just because they’re in that fluctuation. Pozder said.

For Pozder and many other businesses in town, they’ll just keep on trucking.