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Great Falls BID is conducting a scavenger hunt to promote exploration

Posted at 11:34 AM, Aug 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-24 13:34:26-04

The Great Falls Business Improvement District (BID) has converted the city’s wayfinding plan into an interactive scavenger hunt to help residents and visitors become familiar with the ways of the Electric City.

Great Falls BID Community Director Joan Redeen explained that wayfinding is a method of introducing visitors to Great Falls: “Wayfinding is an ability for our guests who come to town to know their way around."

The hunt will serve as a reminder for residents of all that the city has to offer so they can inform visitors of the city’s many assets when asked. “We want our community to know and be familiar with all of the amazing and wonderful assets that we have here - and so that’s what the scavenger hunt is for,”Redeen said.

Participants will also be the first and last to engage in this type of wayfinding - as the scavenger hunt is planned to be a one-time event for Great Falls. “This is not an event that has ever happened before or an event that will ever happen again,” said Redeen.

The hunt features several stops that highlight the city’s diverse background including history, education, and art challenges.

For more details, click here to visit the event page on Facebook.

Great Falls BID is conducting a scavenger hunt to promote exploration