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GFPD releases new information about deadly shooting

Police investigating overnight shooting in Great Falls
Police investigating overnight shooting in Great Falls
Police investigating overnight shooting in Great Falls
Posted at 4:37 PM, Mar 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-29 18:41:48-04

GREAT FALLS — The Great Falls Police Department on Monday afternoon released more details about a shooting that happened on March 20, resulting in the death of one man.

Police say officers arrived at the scene on Saturday, March 20 , and met with a cooperating man who had discharged a firearm, a a woman who had been assaulted. The GFPD also found two men that had sustained gunshot wounds.

One of the two men, Robert Manual Komeotis, died at the hospital, and the other male assailant continues to receive treatment. The woman who owned the car also received medical care for a deep laceration to the head.

The incident began after a group of three people reportedly tried to break in to an apartment building by climbing on top of a car. A confrontation ensued after the woman who owned the car and the cooperating subject went outside.

Police say that either Komeotis or his male acquaintance brandished a firearm in a threatening manner, and in response, the cooperating subject produced his own firearm and shot both men.

The GFPD says that witness accounts and evidence at the scene support a claim of justifiable use of force. At this point, no charges have been filed, and the GFPD is continuing to investigate.

Here is the complete text of the statement from the GFPD:

Saturday, March 20 at 11:13pm, Emergency Dispatchers received a 911 call from a community member reporting an active disturbance. The caller indicated several people were involved and two people had been shot. Officers, along with emergency personnel from Great Falls Fire Rescue and Great Falls Emergency Services, were immediately dispatched to the unit block of 18th Street North.

The first officer arrived within 60 seconds and encountered a cooperative subject who admitted to discharging a firearm. That cooperative subject was detained and officers rendered aid to two males who had sustained gunshot wounds. Shortly after the initial call, both gunshot victims were transported to Benefis Emergency Department.

One of the men, Robert Manual Komeotis, was pronounced deceased shortly after arriving at the hospital. The second male was admitted and continues to receive care. A third person, a female linked to the cooperative subject, was injured in the altercation and sustained a deep laceration to her head. She was transported to the hospital, treated, and later released.

The investigation of this incident has revealed that prior to the disturbance, two males and one female had arrived to the multi-unit residential building (10 18th Street North), where they did not reside. The trio gained access to an apartment in the building by climbing on top of a vehicle, belonging to a female linked to the cooperative subject, then crawling through a window.

The owner of the vehicle, and the cooperative subject, became aware of what was happening and went outside to move the vehicle. Once outside the couple was verbally confronted by the trio and a disturbance ensued. The incident quickly escalated into a physical altercation when the female associated with the two males began to intentionally cause further damage to the vehicle that did not belong to her. The cooperative subject was physically assaulted and the female vehicle owner was struck on the head with an object, causing significant bleeding and injury.

One of the males produced a firearm and brandished it in a threatening manner, both of the males were armed. In response to these actions, the cooperative subject produced his own firearm and shot the two males.

Multiple witness accounts are consistent with statements from those involved and with the evidence found at the scene; supporting the male’s claim of justifiable use of force.

Currently, no charges have been filed in relation to this incident. At the time of this release, Benefis staff report the second male is in “stable” condition. Though the investigation into the incident continues, Cascade County Attorney Racki and GFPD Detective Sergeant Fleming wanted to provide the community with this update. We are not releasing any further names or details at this time.

We will update you new information is released.