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Fit Republic opening soon in Great Falls

Posted at 8:44 AM, Jul 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-11 10:44:19-04

Great Falls will soon have a new fitness center located in Holiday Village Mall, as the community-based chain Fit Republic expands its reach.

The two-story workout space will be accessible through the south side of the mall, where customers can access the gym’s various features, like hydro massages, child care, cardio machines, a floor for free weights, and workout class spaces

Fit Republic spokeswoman Michelle Giannola explained why the chain selected the city of Great Falls to root their next establishment in: “We’re big about community. We loved Great Falls. We love the community-feel. We thought that our product is something different than you guys currently have where fitness is concerned, and we are so excited to start educating you guys on some of the things that we do.”

While the fitness center offers many services for their serious members, Giannola stressed that Fit Republic is a workout space fit for all fitness levels.

“There is a good base of fitness people. But I think there’s just as many that maybe are a little bit more intimidated by the gym environment, and our product really reaches out to those type of people - where we teach them that it can be fun. There is a science to it and we’re willing to teach you that as we’re really excited to bring it to those people who really haven’t experienced fitness yet,” Giannola said.

Whether someone is new to fitness or a fitness guru, Giannola said the staff will push members to achieve their fitness goals. “We’re results-driven, meaning that we’re going to customize it for each person that walks in the door and we’re going to make sure whatever your fitness goal is, whether that’s to be the next Zumba member that we have or doing a fitness show, we’re going to customize what we do to make sure that you’re feeling successful by the time you leave and that you’re hitting those targets.

Fit Republic is scheduled to open at the end of August; you can follow their Facebook page for an exact opening date.