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Central Montana Motocross race series kicks off in Great Falls

Central Montana Motocross 2024 race series kicks off in Great Falls
Posted at 11:53 AM, Apr 29, 2024

Central Montana Motocross (CMMX) round one kicked off on Saturday at the Electric City Dirt Riders Track.

“My grandpa has been racing his whole life and when I was three, he decided to get me a PW50, and it’s just been awesome since there,” said James, runner-up in his race.

The CMMX race series kicks off in Great Falls each year, with all proceeds going back into the club to make the track and facility better.

“For us, it's always the first round of our CMMX race series. We like to come to Great Falls first, and so this is round number one of the CMMX series, and then we head all over the state from here,” said Jeremiah Theys, co-founder of CMMX.

Theys said motocross is a high energy, family-oriented sport for people of all ages.

“We have little 4- or 5-year-old kids, brand new adult beginners, all the way up to, you know, your next pros coming up and Montana pros as well,” said Theys. “We have every level, we have every different class event.This is probably the largest motocross event in Montana in the last I’m going to say 10 or 15 years. We have well over 400 entries, so this is a big race. It's good to see because that means Montana motocross is coming back [and] that's what we want to see.”

James explained what he loves about the sport.

“Like he said, the adrenaline and all that. The people that surround motocross, like everyone is so nice and it's really easy to talk to people in motocross, and it's just a very nice sport.”

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