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Alluvion Health opens education center for children of employees

Posted at 10:08 AM, Sep 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-24 12:08:09-04

The former insurance office at 111 5th Street N in downtown Great Falls is about to become an education center for children of employees at Alluvion Health.

"We are serving multiple districts and each of those districts has a remote learning procedure set in place so we are simply just here to support that procedure,” said Courtnee Doll, the education center’s teacher.

The center is expected to open next week. For a small fee Alluvion employees will be able to sign their kids up for one of three tutoring sessions each day, each a maximum of four hours.

Doll, who was a teacher in Great Falls for seven years before being hired by Alluvion earlier this year, will help the kids with their school work when they come in.

"I think it's such an awesome and cool experience because this doesn't happen every day,” Doll said. "I think that we'll see a lot of turnout and I'm excited about that."

The center will be set up so kids will be socially distant and there will only be two to three kids allowed in each of the four pods.

"I think the staff is really excited to utilize the facility. i just think that it gives them peace of mind knowing that their kids can get support and that we're flexible with their schedule,” said Doll.

The center will be open through at least December.