Former Helena Assistant Police Chief Curt Stinson honored through a blood drive

Curt Stinson remembered
Posted at 6:14 PM, Oct 10, 2023

HELENA — Former Helena Assistant Police Chief Curt Stinson was known for his service to Helena before his untimely death from cancer in 2021. But beyond his personal service, he encouraged others to do the same and that legacy still lives on today.

“It saves lives. People, there, I mean there's always a constant need for blood,” says the widow of Curt Stinson, Christine Stinson.

In honor of Curt Stinson, a Battle of the Badges Blood Drive took place at the Civic Center this Tuesday. Various departments of first responders donated blood in a competition to see who could give the most. Stinson himself received blood transfusions during cancer treatment.

Christine was at the event Tuesday morning to donate.

“It's not hard to do and it helps,” says Christine.

Christine has donated over nine gallons of blood since she began donating blood. And that first donation started with her husband years ago.

“He just said, hey, come on let's go. And I know there were a lot of people he just said let's go,” says Christine.

Cory Bailey, the current Helena Assistant Police Chief also dropped by the Civic Center to donate. He says he donates about every 8 weeks. And to no surprise, the first time he donated was because of Curt.

“He was the one that took me the first time after my mom passed away to give blood. And then when he passed away, it's just kind of a remembrance of both of them,” says Bailey.

Curt’s legacy of wholehearted service and the importance of giving blood lives on through those he knew.

“He always wanted to give back to the people and citizens of Helena or wherever he was living, and this was just another way that he could do that,” says Bailey.