Flower and candy shops prep for Valentine's Day

Flower and candy shops prep for Valentine's Day
Posted at 5:12 PM, Feb 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-01 19:12:21-05

GREAT FALLS — Flower shops and candy shops will likely be busy over the next two weeks as people prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Due to the pandemic, businesses may be just as busy in 2021 as they were in 2020 despite the holiday falling on a Sunday.

My Viola Floral Studio in Great Falls wasn't packed Monday, but owner Kari Johnson was still busy. "Our suppliers have told us, 'Just be ready. People are still staying at home and they want to send to people they haven't seen for awhile,’” Johnson said.

She said under normal circumstances, business would probably be down about 20 percent with Valentine's Day falling on a Sunday. Not in 2021 though. "Most of the business will come, probably, next week. It's always kind of a last-minute holiday,” said Johnson.

While the cancellation of weddings and other events due to the pandemic has slowed business a little, luckily the business has been able to adapt. "Those two areas are just a small portion of our business. Our every day sales really keep us going. We invested in a really good website that has really helped us,” Johnson explained.

"We have already seen quite a few orders come in,” said Anne Stordahl, owner of 2B Sweet Candy Shop in Conrad. She's looking forward to the holiday rush, especially after last month. "People are really focused on the gift of giving around Christmas, then you go into January and it's like this lull,” Stordahl said.

Regardless of how the rush turns out, she's confident the business will survive the pandemic; she says it's been getting a lot of love from the community ever since it opened last year.

Stordahl and Johnson say their best advice for ordering candy or flowers on Valentine’s Day is to get your orders in early.