Florence Crittenton helps bring families back together

Florence Crittenton
Posted at 6:47 PM, May 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-07 20:47:17-04

HELENA — For parents who are battling drug addiction, there is an avenue of hope on the journey to recovery by seeking help from non-profit organizations in Montana.

One option is Florence Crittenton in Helena. The non-profit has also expanding bed spaces to eight and added more addiction counselors in an effort to serve more people.

Florence Crittenton’s Executive Director Carrie Krepps said, “We feel fortunate, after this very difficult year for so many families, to be able to provide these expanded services that will help even more families heal and build solid foundations for their future. We believe that every family deserves a chance to receive services, support, and hope. If we can provide that hope to even just a few more families, we feel we will be doing our part to make our communities stronger and more productive for all.”

The road to recovery can be a difficult journey. Florence Crittenton helps make sure patients aren’t alone and have the best possible chance of regaining a hold on their lives.

MTN spoke with two mothers that battled drug addiction, sought help from Florence Crittenton and gained child custody back with their children while maintaining a sober life.

Florence Crittenton helps bring families back together
Florence Crittenton helps bring families back together

Savannah Webb came to Montana from Los Angeles, California, to start a new life drug-free and flee from the violence of the streets of Southern California. Currently, she is working towards being a Peer Supporter to help other women battling addiction.

Webb is still working towards full custody rights of her daughter. She says being drug-free and the opportunity to be a mother makes everything worth it.

“There are no words really, it's just all emotion it’s a beautiful thing and it’s a beautiful feeling to know that you to know that you put your children first before you, did what you had to do to actually make that picture clear of her being in the crib,” said Webb.

Florence Crittenton helps bring families back together
Florence Crittenton helps bring families back together

Brittany Lopez has been sober for more than a year, has plans to get married and is a manager at a Pharmacy in the Helena area. She says even though she has graduated from the program, staying in touch with addiction counselors at Florence Crittenton has helped her stay sober.

She also added that she wants to help other mothers stay off drugs and be with their children.

“The hard stuff, I went through knowing that my three children are still out there without me, it just honestly motivates me to better every single day,” said Lopez.

To apply for any of Florence Crittenton’s programs, please call 406 442 6950 x307 or email. More information is available at