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Lewis and Clark Rural Fire Council hosts fundraiser and recruitment drive

Posted at 5:28 PM, Aug 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-10 23:14:26-04

On Wednesday, August 29, volunteer fire departments from around Helena gathered at Safeway on Prospect Avenue for a Lewis and Clark Rural Fire Council fundraiser and recruitment drive.

This is the second year the event has been held with the purpose of raising funds and supplies and recruiting more volunteer firefighters for the local departments.

Chief Jerry Shepard of West Valley Volunteer Fire Department said finding people to be volunteer firefighters is the biggest hurdle most departments face right now.

“Lot of people think they have to go into a big burning building, but really about 75 percent of everything we do is medical related,” said Shepard. “The farther you get away from the city, the more need there is for that so you can get somebody there early."

In rural areas, volunteer firefighters are often one of the first to respond to an emergency situation.

“We’ve been on some pretty horrendous car wrecks,” said Lewis and Clark County Volunteer Fire Department Chief Walter Jester. “If it wasn’t for the training and skills our people work so hard to learn, there’s people that wouldn’t be alive today.”

It takes several months of training to reach firefighter level 1 readiness and local chiefs said they’re lucky if they have more than two from the initial 15 that sign up.

Jester said he’s grateful for any time his crew is able to serve their community.

“My rules are family first, job second, and we’ll take whatever you have left over to donate,” said Jester.

Anyone interested in signing up to be a volunteer firefighter or want to learn more information should contact any of the local volunteer fire departments or the Lewis and Clark Rural Fire Council.

Last year, the same fundraiser brought in over $30,000 for volunteer firefighters.

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