Families needed for graduating Carroll College animals

Posted at 5:59 PM, Jan 25, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-26 11:05:54-05

HELENA — The Carroll College Anthrozoology program has three pets up for adoption this May.

Anthrozoology is the study of interactions and relationships between humans and nonhuman animals.

“Our program is designed to focus on human-animal interactions,” said Madie Brustkern, the Visiting Professor of Anthrozoology.

Anthrozoology programs are starting to become more popular across the country.

Carroll College says its model allows for a deeper level of training and connection between the animal and student.

Students who focus on the training of a cat or dog also take care of that animal outside of the classroom.

“So, these dogs aren’t just going through a six week obedience class, they’re getting nine months of intensive 24/7 training,” said Brustkern.

After about eight months of training, two dogs and one cat will be put in their forever homes this year.

“Around may is when are dogs and cats will actually be placed in their homes. So are students pass over the leash in our canine graduation ceremony,” Brustkern said.

Tarot, Keela and Becky are all available to be adopted.

Tarot is a one-year-old female cat.


Her handlers Chloe and Alyssa believe any animal is trainable and have taught Tarot to jump through a hoop and hit a button.

“She’s just a very sweet, calm, independent girl who’s curious and smart and warms up to new places pretty quick,” Chloe said.

Keela, short for Tequila, is a one-year-old Border Collie/American Pitbull mix.


Allie and Sophie have taught Keela more skill-based tricks.

Keela can jump over a hurdle…and run through a tube.

“She’s a little bit playful so she likes toys and she likes to move around. Her personality is very spunky,” Allie said.

Becky is a two-year-old American Pitbull/mix breed.


One of Becky’s handlers, Kaylee, has focused more on obedience training.

She has learned how to sit, lay down and walk next to Kaylee on a leash.

“She’s a very goofy girl who loves to play. She learns things really quickly,” Kaylee said. “If you give her a toy, she’ll love to play with it. She loves playing fetch and just playing with you overall.”

Applications and more information can be found on the Carroll College Anthrozoology website.