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New exhibit and new director at ExplorationWorks

Posted at 4:30 PM, Sep 08, 2023

HELENA — Exploration works is opening a new exhibit Saturday and has hired a new Executive Director who will start in October.

Sun, Earth, Universe is the new hands-on exhibit opening on September 9.

Guests will learn how scientists study our Earth, Sun, solar system and universe.

Activities include designing, building and testing your own model spacecraft, using tools to see the invisible and seeing how scientists use color to help us understand data.

“We’ve got a piece right her that is about building a Mars habit to both survive and thrive. We have a piece that is really cool you can build a satellite and think about all the parts and pieces that would go into building a satellite and the kind of information we want to get back. We also have different peaches that are little games and puzzles and just some really cool slides where you can learn a lot of neat space facts,” said Sara Feilzer, the Education Director at Exploration Works, “As part of this exhibit we have actives and thing for all ages to enjoy.”

This exhibit isn’t the only new thing at Exploration Works.

In October, Heather O’Neill will assume the position of Executive Director.

O’Neill served as the Executive Director at Camp Cadicasu in Alberta for the past 10 years and oversaw and managed all business and operational areas.

“Heather has lots of experience in a similar area running a large camp out in the Calgary area and that experience is going to do wonderful things for her here at Exploration Works,” said Brett Clark, Chair of the Board of Directors of Exploration Works, “We’ve benefited from strong leadership for the last several years and we believe we have the candidate that’s going to take us to the next step and open the next chapter for exploration works.”