Bozeman churches hope to keep people encouraged

Posted at 3:50 PM, Mar 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-30 17:50:12-04

Churches are typically the place you would think of that always keeps their doors open for everyone. But because of the rapid spread of the coronavirus, they’re finally forced to shut the doors.

“Well, it’s obviously been a lot of change. I’ve been here for I think 37 years. So, I’ve been here a long time and I don't think in the entire time I’ve been here we’ve not had a Sunday service other than this last Sunday," said Pastor Bryan Hughes at Grace Bible Church.

Since officials mandated social distancing, churches in Bozeman have had to do things a little differently.

“We haven’t gathered for worship since the 15th of March and that’s meant canceling services on Sundays and Wednesdays,” explained Pastor Lindean Barnett Christenson at Christ the King Lutheran Church.

But pastors say now more than ever is the time for people to be encouraged.

“Your faith or an understanding in God is not just a crutch. It’s the reality that either someone is in control or no one is in control, and the Bible says that God is, so that is something that believers can lean heavily on," Pastor Hughes explained.

According to Pastor Hughes, this was only a surprise to us.

“It’s wild with the coronavirus but it’s not like God woke up one day and said oh I didn’t see this coming, what am I going to do now, so he’s still in control, still on the throne and we trust that,” he said.

Regardless of when church buildings will be allowed to open their doors, these pastors were certain about one thing.

“The building is a really convenient place to gather but the church is people. The Bible talks about it as the body of Christ so right now the church is in the community and in their homes and not gathering this space but the church is not the building," said Pastor Barnett Christenson.

No one knows when all this will finally be over, but pastors say one thing you can rely on is your faith.