Camping is becoming more popular

Shelly Milburn of Bighorn Outdoor Specialists
Dave Hagengruber, FWP Information and Education Program Manager
Posted at 3:24 PM, Jul 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-05 17:24:30-04

GREAT FALLS — As we are in the midst of entering the 3rd week of Summer, that means camping is going to be on many people's minds, and for some, they are expecting the busiest season of the year.

Bighorn Outdoor Specialists says this season is the busiest time of year so far, with both out of state people looking to explore Montana's Outdoors, as well as some newcomers who are getting ready to experience camping for the first time.

Shelly Milburn of Bighorn Outdoor Specialists in downtown Great Falls said, "a lot of folks are looking for hiking boots, and backpacks, and car racks to carry all their gear, and bicycles."

Dave Hagengruber, education program coordinator for Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, noted that camping has become increasingly popular over the course of the Covid pandemic, which has motivated more people to go outdoors.

Hagengruber said, "I think camping was a good, close, safe activity that people can do without having to travel a long way, and when social distancing was going on, what better way to do that with you and your family out in a campsite somewhere, with some friends in a small group, so it's ideal.

He continued, "All outdoor recreation really went up, camping was one of those things, and I think now that's stabilized, but it's still very busy, and very popular. And right now, when people are dealing with high gas prices, you can do that fairly close to home within an hour's drive and have a good experience without having to use a full tank of gas or having to buy plane tickets."

For newcomers who plan to go camping this summer season, outdoor specialist recommend these tips:

  • Always plan for bad weather
  • Plan activities in advance
  • Take a first aid kit
  • Use a packing list before setting off
  • Don't pitch up under a tree
  • Don't forget about lighting
  • Pack a portable charger
  • Check your campsite rules
  • Bring enough food
  • Be aware of wild animals in the area

Visit the Central Montana website for a list of camping sites.