C.R. Anderson Middle School restarts annual ski trip to Great Divide Ski Area

Ski racks at Great Divide Ski Area
Posted at 5:59 PM, Feb 08, 2024

MARYSVILLE — For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic, C.R. Anderson Middle School was able to hit the slopes.

"We have about 80 to 90 kids up here. They go through a ski lesson, then they come in and eat lunch, and then in the afternoon, they have free time to ski with a buddy," said a physical education teacher at C.R. Anderson Middle School, Bryana Curry.

Each grade, sixth through eighth, gets to spend one day skiing at the Great Divide Ski Area. Thursday was the seventh graders' turn.

Skier walking to the lodge

"In Montana and especially here, there's not really much to do in winter except for outdoor things. Out skiing when there's good snow is just really fun," said Dawson Bailey, a seventh grader at C.R. Anderson Middle School.

She has been skiing for the past few years.

Bailey said, "A lot of my friends are better skiers than I am, so they're doing higher stuff than I will be."

Ski lift at Great Divide Ski Area

Students vary in ski experience, and the school tells them at the beginning of their ski day to ski within their ability level.

"Some kids are from out of state, and they don't have the opportunity to see snow. To come on a ski trip, and they get a day off school. They're up here. They're learning how to ski. It's just a great time for them," Curry said.

She said she has some students from Texas, and it has been nice sharing the beloved Montana winter sport with them.

Ski rack

Curry said, "It's just great for the kids. It's a lifelong activity that they can come up here and have fun. It's a little bit of a workout."

C.R. Anderson Middle School finished up their two-day ski trip on Thursday.