63,000 packages of Girl Scout cookies arrive in Helena for distribution

Posted at 6:22 PM, Mar 14, 2023

HELENA — In total, 63,000 packages of cookies arrived in Helena Tuesday morning. That’s almost enough for every person in the City of Helena to get two packages of cookies each.

“Helena has a very strong Girl Scout program and I contribute that to great leaders and great service unit people,” says troop leader and service unit product manager, Katie Goodhart.

Multiple troop leaders were hard at work loading tens of thousands of packages of Girl Scout Cookies to go out to the greater Helena community.

The boxes are bound for the homes, basements, and garages of Girl Scout troop members before they make their way later this week to the homes of those who have pre-ordered. Additionally, the cookies are destined for the multiple cookie booths that will begin popping up starting on March 24.

“This is really one of the best financial programs that are out there for girls to learn how to develop a business plan,” says troop leader and service unit manager Tolly Patten.

This time of the year is vital for the Girl Scouts. Profits from selling cookies not only fund trips and service projects but also provide the girls with invaluable lessons on money and business management.

“Their own little cookie business is what we call it. So, the girls learn a lot of money handling, learning to talk to customers, learning to manage their inventory and their cookies sales,” says Goodhart.

If you didn’t preorder cookies, you’ll soon be able to pick some up at booths at many grocery stores throughout town.